Copper Breaks State Park
777 Park Road 62
United States
-99° -99' 5.6700000000001" N 34° 34' 43.5564" W

Copper Breaks State Park consists of 1,898.8 acres, 12 miles south of Quanah and 9 miles north of Crowell, in Hardeman County. The park was acquired by purchase from a private owner in 1970 under the State Parks Bond Program and was opened in 1974. Prior to the arrival of early settlers, this region was the realm of the Comanche and Kiowa tribes. It remained so until the pressures of a new civilization forced the Indians onto reservations in nearby Oklahoma. Near the present park area, Cynthia Ann Parker was recaptured from a band of Comanche Indians and subsequently reunited with her relatives. Parker had been captured as a small child by a raiding party near Mexia and grew up among the Indians. Her son, Quanah Parker, was to become the last great war chief of the Comanche nation. After being reunited with her relatives, Cynthia Ann Parker did not adjust well to the ways of the settlers and longed for the free lifestyle of the Comanche. She died in a relatively short period. Medicine Mounds, located 10 miles east of the park on private lands, were important ceremonial sites of Comanche Indians. The famous Pease River Battle Site, in which Cynthia Ann Parker was recovered from Comanches in 1860, is located 3 miles east of the park.

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